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Bold color ideas for better curb appeal

“It’ll look fabulous,” I assured my husband.

“But… yellow?” he said. My hubby is like most homeowners—he feels most comfortable with safe colors. Expected colors. In other words, boring colors. So naturally, when I suggested repai...

Daffodils!! Have you spotted them yet? I’ve seen them blooming around my Yorktown neighborhood since mid-February. Whether it was the groundhog’s prediction of an early spring, or just the fact that Hampton Roads had no major snowfall this winter, it’s clear that sprin...

Ah, the irony of holiday decorating—you love making your house beautiful so much, you create ugly holes all over it in the process. But pinholes could be the least of your problems… you can also rip off shingles, gutters, and more. Sometimes we get too caught up in the...

Whether your architectural style is formal, rustic, craftsman or contemporary, if your front door looks shabby, it degrades your entire curb appeal. From DIY to professional, here are some ideas that will be your doorway to a better-looking home front.

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